Aggie Dobrzynska

February 15, 2024

Aggie Dobrzynska


FLUENCY: English, Polish

QUALIFICATIONS: IKO Coach Level 1, IKO Instructor Level 3, KA Senior Instructor

DISCIPLINES: Twintip Freeride, Twintip Freestyle, Twintip Big Air 

LEVELS: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert



Meet Agata (Aggie), a kiteboarding pro with over a decade of experience. Originally from Poland, she's made Australia her home for the past 4.5 years, now calling Western Australia her base. A snowboarder and skier from a very young age, Aggie's kiteboarding journey began out of curiosity in her seaside hometown, Hel, where friends introduced her to the sport when they were looking for something to do during the summer season, leading to a lifelong passion.

As a qualified instructor of over 7 years, Aggie's global adventures have taken her to many different locations, sharing her love for kiteboarding through her coaching worldwide. Her skills span all kiteboarding disciplines, her true passion being freestyle, where she not only excels but also competes, boasting titles such as gold in the 2024 WA State and National Freestyle Championships, as well as gold in the QLD State Freestyle Titles and runner up in the Nationals in 2023.

Beyond kiteboarding, Aggie loves all sorts of extreme sports - snowboarding, skiing, snowkiting, surfing, and wakeboarding - you name it! Her winters are spent working as a ski patrol in Threadbow, NSW, and when she isn’t working on the slopes, she's snowkiting in her free time.

For Aggie, kiteboarding isn't just a sport – it's an expression of freedom, connecting with the elements of water and wind. Safety Bay holds a special place in her heart as the ultimate kiteboarding spot. We’re stoked to have Aggie on our team of coaches this season, sharing her incredible experience and passion for the sport with our students.

Connect with Aggie on Instagram >> @agata.dobrzynska

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