Christian Tio

August 15, 2023

christian tio - wa surf kitesurfing instructor/coach

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: The Philippines

FLUENCY: English, Filipino


DISCIPLINES: Twintip Freestyle, Twintip Big Air, Foil

LEVELS: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert



Meet Christian Tio, an exceptional kiteboarder whose journey began at the age of just 7, inspired by his professional kiteboarding parents. Originating from the beautiful paradise of Bulabog Beach in Boracay, Christian's commitment and talent in kitesurfing is a force to be reckoned with, his audacious freestyle moves setting him apart. By the age of 11, Christian’s skill had attracted the attention of esteemed companies and associations, affirming his potential as a rising star in the kiteboarding world.

With a very impressive record of competition places so far, earning the title of world number 2 in the Junior Men’s division in 2015 was just the beginning for Christian. Other notable victories include securing 2nd place in the freestyle category of the Kiteboarding Tour Asia in Taiwan and the Junior Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships in Spain.

Christian's journey continued with impressive results in the Philippine Kiteboarding Tour and the Boracay Funboard Cup. His remarkable achievements extended to the Kiteboarding Youth Cup, where he clinched top positions in the U19 category, etching his name among the best at a mere 15 years old.

A crowning achievement was Christian Tio's qualification for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics, making him the second Filipino athlete to achieve this honour. At the Club Nautico San Isidro, Christian's indomitable spirit earned him a silver medal in the IKA Twin Tip Racing event, a feat that marked the Philippines' first-ever medal at the Summer Youth Olympic Games. 

We’re so excited to have Christian on the WA SURF team this season, teaching our incredible sport in the beautiful Safety Bay.


Connect with Christian on Instagram >> @christianqtio

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