Max Gallagher

August 13, 2023

max gallagher - wa surf kitesurfing and foiling coach


FLUENCY: English


DISCIPLINES: Twintip Freeride, Twintip Freestyle, Strapless Wave, Wing Foil

LEVELS: Intermediate, Advanced



Meet Max, one of our passionate kitesurfing instructors for the 2023/24 season. Max was introduced to the world of kitesurfing by his dad at the age of just 13 in the cold, brown waters of his home in northwest England. After getting his first taste of this awesome sport, Max wanted more and has since then based his life around watersports. Starting off as a beach assistant in Rhodos, Max soon realized that a life of kitesurfing and watersports was what he wanted to pursue.

Shortly after this realization, Max completed his kitesurfing instructor qualifications and travelled to the warm waters of Panama, followed by The Dominican Republic and Aruba. Max has spent the last 7 years teaching kitesurfing full-time and wing foiling over the last two years, all the while honing his favourite disciplines of strapless wave riding and freestyle riding. Max has dedicated the last 4 years to residing in Fuerteventura's strong winds and open ocean swells. During this period, he has found himself drawn into the fast and flowing world of foiling. This journey commenced with the wing, advanced through prone foiling, and has led to his latest venture: the exhilarating pursuit of downwinding.

Having landed in Safety Bay for the upcoming kitesurfing season, Max is ready and keen to teach you kitesurfing and wing foiling, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for more advanced lessons so that you can get out and charge the waves with him!


Connect with Max on Instagram >> @itsmaxyg

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