About Us

We work hard to be different. We care about the sports that give us so much enjoyment in our lives. Being able to share that stoke with our customers is what drives us day in, day out.

We believe that being passionate kiters and paddlers makes us a step above the rest. We've teamed up with what can only be described as the best brands in the industry to bring you a product line up that will fill every day dream you've ever had. Add to that a group of team riders pushing the limits on the water and we truely are owned and driven by riders.

Nestled on the beach at Safety Bay, arguably one of the best flat water kiteboarding locations in the world, we bring the world of kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding to you. With a seasonal visitor list boasting more freestyle kiteboard world champions than we can count, and the sparkling waters of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park as our stand up paddle playground, this is something special that you will not want to miss. Welcome to WA SURF.



Drew Malcolm WA Surf

DREW MALCOLM is co-owner of WA SURF and has began working here in 2011. Spending most of his time behind the scenes or in our Safety Bay shop, most of our customers will have dealt with him at some point. With a van always filled with the best demo gear, make sure to say hi!


WA SURF Andy Cooksey
Andy Cooksey is co-owner of WA SURF, and has been in the kitesurfing and boardsports industry since 1999. Exceptionally handy in the waves and on a foil board, most of his time these days is spent doing 30+knots around a race course.





WA SURF Emerson Johnston 

EMERSON JOHNSTON is one of our freestyle team riders and Safety Bay locals. Kiting since 2013, he's pushed himself to progress every session, finding himself a part of the North Kiteboarding Australia and ION Australia teams. When he's not on the water, Emerson will be handling most of our in store enquiries.


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