Matteo Serra

August 14, 2023

Matteo Serra


FLUENCY: English, Italian

QUALIFICATIONS: IKO Level 2, Certified Coach Level 1

DISCIPLINES: Twintip Freestyle, Twintip Big Air

LEVELS: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert



Originally from Sardinia, Italy, Matteo is one of our senior kitesurfing coaches for the 2023/24 season. With a passion for kitesurfing that began in 2010, Matteo's journey into kitesurfing was inspired by his brother, who introduced him to the sport.

To further his skills and share his passion with others, Matteo completed his IKO kitesurfing instructor qualification in Sicily seven years ago. After obtaining his certification, he began his teaching career in Sardinia before spending the winter months teaching and exploring different kitesurfing destinations around Europe.

Matteo's dedication and talent have also led him to compete and be involved in various kitesurfing events around the world. In 2021, he participated in the National Freestyle Championship in Italy, earning an impressive third-place finish. His expertise in judging was recognized when he assumed the role of head judge for both the National and State Freestyle Championships in Western Australia. In 2021 he also worked with the team in the judge’s tower for the Red Bull King of the Air competition in Cape Town, South Africa.

While Matteo enjoys all disciplines of kitesurfing, his true passion is freestyle. As his expertise grows, Matteo finds himself gravitating towards coaching advanced riders. He thrives in this role, going the extra mile to ensure his students' progress and success. By joining them in the water and often capturing their sessions on film, he provides valuable and personalized feedback, enabling his students to review their performances and make targeted improvements.

Beyond coaching, Matteo collaborates with Kiteboarding Western Australia on a kitesurfing program designed specifically for kids. Through this initiative, he actively contributes to the growth and development of the sport among young enthusiasts, nurturing their skills and fostering a love for kitesurfing from an early age.

Matteo's advice for those hoping to master more advanced tricks: Break the trick down into manageable steps. By focusing on each individual part and avoiding the temptation to rush the learning process, riders can lay a solid foundation before putting all the elements together and nailing the trick.

Connect with Matteo on Instagram >> @mattserra_

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