PPC (Pacific Paddle Co) Link Downwind Foilboard


The Link, a fitting name for a board which allows riders to link the energy from the ocean & glide endlessly from an upwind point to a down wind point with only a paddle.

A huge amount of design element has gone into ensuring that paddle ups are made easy. A ridge runs down the entire underside of the boards giving the rider the locked in tracking they need before gaining enough board speed to get on the foil. A relatively flat rocker line & narrow widths / longer board line promoting initial board speed when the rider needs it.

Once up on the foil, you are relying on a light-weight, yet stiff board to give you the best chances of linking bumps & remaining on the foil on your down wind journey. The link is built in our proven moulded core / carbon sandwich tech & available in 4 sizes from 5’9Β  @91L right through to 6’10 @ 128L for the heavier DW foilers! Fitted with 16” foil tracks to give the needed adjustability.

The link models can also cross over to a ideal SUP surf foil board.


Sizes Volume Weight
5’9 x 23.9β€³ 91L 5.2Kg
6’2 x 24.15β€³ 112L 6.25Kg
6’4 x 24.15β€³ 118L 6.4Kg
6’10 x 24.15β€³ 128L 6.8Kg

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