PPC Shim


PPC foiling have designed an easy-to-use board shim which sits between the base of the foil mast & your board.

Have you ever had that annoying back foot pressure when riding foiling? Maybe you changed foil brands or board, you may have experienced a change in how your set up feels.

This is an easy cost-effective solution to improve the overall feel & performance of your foil + board set up.

Each shim being 1 degree adds that ‘front foot pressure’ or ‘rear foot’ pressure by changing the angle of your board.

Our team rider Josh Armit uses 2 degrees when wing foiling at higher speeds (30+ kts)

“The PPC board shim allows you to wind up at speeds with more front foot pressure, meaning you are more in control at speed. The PPC board shim also means that there is a nice angle on your board if you touch down at speed you don’t catch the water & crash”

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