WOO 4.0


WOO Sports 4 Available Now

New for 4.0

  • Wireless Charging
  • Dual Core Processor
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • 24+ Hour Battery Life
  • Synchronous Watch App
  • Battery Health Protection


  • 8x Gyroscope Resolution
  • 7x Accelerometer Rate
  • 50% Faster Charging
  • 3x Faster BLE Connection
  • 4x Less Signal Noise
  • 16x Ram
  • 4x Flash Memory
  • 2x Clock Frequency
  • 30% Brighter LED

Ten years in the making, WOO 4.0 builds on everything we've learned from a global community pushing the limits of kiteboarding. Our original intent is unchanged - a simple, discrete onboard sensor that magically captures every kiteboarding jump. But inside and out, the WOO 4.0 has been reengineered for the future of the sport.

A ruggedized housing now surrounds a more powerful processor and extremely precise sensor. Wireless charging, 24+ hour battery life, updated Bluetooth and many more important improvements mean that you can focus on kiteboarding while your WOO goes to work tracking every take-off, jump, and landing. This is the new standard for big air kiteboarding.

Designed for the most demanding big air sessions. Simply press record and start riding, the WOO tracks every take-off, jump, and landing.


4x Resolution
8x Sample Rate


IP69K Waterproof
IK10 Shockproof


Wireless Charging
Bluetooth 5.2


24 Hour Battery
Battery Longevity Mode

Every jump has a story. WOO 4.0 captures every jump, including Height, Airtime, and Landing. Add a smartwatch to record GPS, including speed and distance. Bring it all together with PRO, which unlocks the full suite of Analytics+. Get it dialed in and you’ll be recording every kite session with WOO.


Find your next spot to ride in the world in one of kiteboarding's best spot databases.

  • Global Kite Spot Map
  • Spot Leaderboards
  • Spot Session History
  • Spot Photos
  • Spot Insights


Dive into the stats after every session on the water.

  • Lifetime Stats
  • Quiver Insights
  • Jump Analysis
  • Combine Jumps + GPS
  • PRO Analytics+


Share sessions with friends, locals, and pros all over the world.

  • Global Session Feed
  • Friends Session Feed
  • Big Session Alerts
  • Daily Leaderboards
  • Local Spot Throne


Chart your riding and progression with the community, including filters for:

  • by Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • by Jumps or GPS Stats
  • by Spot, National, Global
  • by Age, Gender, Nationality
  • by Community, Following

Pair your WOO 4.0 with the WOO Kite App to download sessions, explore kite spots, and connect with the global kite community.  SEE APPLE APP STORE

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