Core Single Boardbag Twintip



It's true; boards ding easily during transport. So protect your babies with a premium, heavy-duty bag that'll protect all your boards from those nasty travel dings. Now available in many sizes, our high-quality bags will protect your twintip and surfboard for years to come. Let's make travel safe again!


Twintip 140

Dimensions: approx. 152 x 54 x 3 cm /  60 x 21 x 1 in.

Maximum board size: approx. 140 x 43 cm / 4'7''x 17''

Capacity: 1 medium-sized twintip including accessories, mounted fins, pads and straps

Weight: ca. 1,16 kg / 2,56 lbs


Twintip 155

Dimensions: approx. 166 x 60 x 3 cm / 65 x 23 x 1 in

Maximum board size: approx. 155 x 48 cm / 5'1''x 19''

Capacity: 1 large light wind twintip including accessories, mounted fins, pads and straps

Weight: ca. 1,42 kg / 3,13 lbs


   Optimal protection: Featuring 5mm PE foam padding and 10mm padding on the nose and tail of our surfboard bags.

   Robust zipper: Our extra-large zipper opening with non-slip, colored zipper pulls offers quick access.

   Internal abrasion protection against sharp fins.

   Spacious inside pocket for fins, tools, wax, and leashes.


   420 HD Nylon: Our lightweight nylon features an extra-strong weave and unique finish to significantly improve tear-resistance and sensitivity to dirt over conventional polyester fabrics.

   PE Foil Fabric: Light, waterproof, and cleanable inner lining.

   #10 YKK Racquet Coil Zipper: Our extra strong spiral zipper is designed for heavy-duty applications where abrasion resistance is critical.

   Polyester webbing: Our polyester belts are flexible and super tear-resistant.

Optional: Shoulder strap with non-slip, pre-curved shoulder pad.

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