Armstrong HA1080



The essence of foiling.

Building on the legacy of our first HA (high aspect) foils initially released in 2021, the new HA range offers an unprecedented combination of rippability, easy pumping and endless glide that expands the potential of intermediate to expert surf, downwind and wing foilers. Seven sizes - 580, 680, 780, 880, 980, 1080, 1180cm2 - deliver a full quiver of options. The new HA range is the essence of foiling.

Standout Performance

Best of both worlds.

A newly developed section shape, outline and profile give the HA range a remarkable “best of both worlds” ability to carve beautiful lines and easily stay high in the pumping power zone for maximum wave riding potential. The foil section is adjusted incrementally at points across the wingspan (evolutive section shape) to provide a big boost to gliding efficiency and consistent lift at various bank angles and flight speeds. For those already riding the previous generation Armstrong HA range, we recommend downsizing one foil size, for example: from the older HA925, move to the new HA880 to maintain familiar pumpability with a substantial overall performance increase.


- High aspect ratio - 9.63-9.8 AR across the range of sizes
- Broad size range - Seven sizes from 580 to 1180 for intermediate through expert surf, downwind and wing foilers.
- Evolutive section shape - The section shape is tweaked at various stations across the span for hyper-optimised water flow across the wing.
- Flat profile - Enables responsive turning in carves, even at wider wingspans.
- Toray carbon fibre - Built from premium Toray high and intermediate modulus carbon fibre for exceptional stiffness and light weight.
- A+ System - Our proprietary connection system offers industry-leading strength, durability and modularity

Performance Pedigree

Meticulously engineered to push your fun on the water.

The HA range benefits from two years’ worth of research with a leading CFD team in the hydrofoil sailboat world. These foils turn beautifully and their section is optimised to stay with the wave, allowing smooth flowing connections between swell lines. Excellent lift means riders can drop down one full size from their previous HA foils for improved carving and speed range while maintaining an easy low end.

Top-tier Construction

Built for progression.

High aspect foils experience extreme torsional forces in the water, especially when carving. We’ve crafted the HA range from premium Toray high and intermediate modulus carbon fibre for an ultra strong, stiff and lightweight foil that performs exceptionally under the feet of intermediate to expert riders. The consistency of this layup when combined with our industry-leading manufacturing quality provides the best in performance and durability.


580, 680, 780, 880, 980, 1080, 1180 


Area: 580cm2
Span: TBC
Aspect Ratio: TBC 


Area: 680cm2
Span: 818mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.80 


Area: 780cm2
Span: 870mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.70 


Area: 880cm2
Span: 923mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.68 


Area: 980cm2
Span: 974mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.68 


Area: 1080cm2
Span: 1020mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.63 


 Area: 1180cm2
Span: 1066mm
Aspect Ratio: 9.63

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