Zero to Hero 12Hr Course

12hr Course (6 x 2hr) : $990 per person
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Start your journey to become a kitesurfer with WA's most established and progressive schools, WA SURF Academy. Safety Bay boasts some of the best and safest kitesurfing conditions in the world making your learning journey both fun and safe. 

Our 'Zero to Hero' is an all inclusive 12 hr course. We teach you from the basics and take it right up to getting you kiteboarding upwind comfortably! This course is run over 6 days (2 hours per day) can be consecutive days, or break it up as you like. We tailor the lessons to suit the requirements of the student. All our instructors are fully qualified, experienced kiteboarders and we only use the latest equipment from premium brands including Duotone, Core and Ozone.

Please SEE HERE for more detailed information on what to expect from your lesson and ensure you read our Terms and Conditions.


Lesson Plans:

Lesson 1

- introduction to LEI (leading edge inflatable) kites

- understanding and setup of kites

- site assessment (S.H.O.E) and safety features

- assisted launch and landing

- self rescue techniques

- introduction to body dragging

- packdown and site knowledge

Lesson 2

- recap of lesson 1

- launching and landing kites on the water

- consolidating body drags to generate power, stability, direction & control

- board recovery (upwind body dragging)

- emergency packdown

- packdown and equipment knowledge

Lesson 3

- recap of lesson 2

- introduction of board

- intro to board and board start techniques

- rules of the road, stopping & etiquette

- onboard and riding

- prolongued power delivery & controlled speed on the board

- points of sailing & riding angles

- packdown and your next steps

Lesson 4-6

- recap of lesson 3

- onboard and riding

- focus on upwind riding

- speed control

- transitions (how to turn gracefully)

- jumping.... the sky's the limit!

- packdown

- short theory test of knowledge learned during the course


- where to next? Advanced coaching for the ambitious rider looking to nail some tricks!


- if not feeling quite there yet, don't be afraid to book in for one or two more lessons. Our instructors will advise on your next steps.


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