Fanatic Fuselage AL 3BS 60cm


Our new Surf and Freestyle oriented Fuselage AL 3BS 60cm - compatible with the Fanatic and Duotone range of Carbon masts - is weight and drag optimized and for those riders looking for the most playful tuning and quickest response. Completing our range of Fuselage options for the ambitious riders, we’re adding a new Aluminium Fuselage with 3-Bolt-System (3BS) fitting to use with our range of carbon masts available from Fanatic and Duotone. Coming in a comparable weight to our 68cm Carbon Fuselage, the new 60cm AL 3BS isn’t only weight optimized by getting rid of unnecessary material, our design team was also able to reduce thickness and drag to a minimum without scarifying any of the torsional stability our setup is famous for. Recommended for advanced riders ready for the next step in performance.

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