2024 Mystic Majestic


The Majestic has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roven glass fiber plate for more freedom of movement. If you're into wave riding or freestyling the Majestic will definitely be worth your while. The side covers have been updated with a new knife pocket. The Battlebelt is now thinner and half the thickness of what it used to be, saving on weight, minimizing friction, and giving you all the comfort you need.

-: Bionic Core Frame
-: Fix Foam
-: Soft neoprene edges
-: Flexcovers with locking mechanism
-: Battle belt
-: Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket

Colours - Off White, Navy, Black

Category: 2023, 2024, Harness, Kiteboarding, Mystic

Type: Harness

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