Mystic Stealth Bar Surf


For 2020 Mystic introduces the Stealth Bar. The Stealth Bar is the result of 3D computer modelling and countless hours of on-water testing. Mystic’s new moulded fiber-injection construction provides whole new level of strength to weight ratio. The Stealth Bar’s slim, ergonomic design combined with the new integrated Fender-Shield minimises pressure points, and the Stealth Wings keeps the bar held securely in place. The Stealth Bar offers a truly unrivalled level of fit, support, comfort, and performance.

The new stealth surf bar is designed for riders that likes kitesurfing the waves and enjoy freeride. Equipped with 2 durable black dyneema cords the long rope offers extra freedom of movement and the short rope is for freeride or surf riders that prefer a fixed connection. The sizing and the shape of the bar s redefined to reduce pressure points while the lever-lock system ensures easy closure and torsion control.

Spreader Bar Features

  • Lever lock, easy closure
  • Optimised ergonomical shape
  • Stealth Wings
  • Fender-Shield: Specialised pressure distributing padding
  • Closure feedback
  • Buckle design provides maximum rope length
  • No slack surf rope adjuster
  • Smaller mid-rope for freeride or fixed surf
  • Fiber-Fusion composite (bar)
  • Black Dyneema (rope)


The 2020 Mystic Stealth Surf Spreader Bar comes in the following sizes:

  • 240mm
  • 280mm
  • 320mm

To see which size spreader bar is suitable for the harness you have, check out the Mystic size chart here. This spreader bar is designed to fit with all Mystic harnesses but will also fit some other brands. If you are unsure whether your harness is suitable for this spreader bar, feel free to give us a call.


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