2023 Duotone Wam


The Wam is at the cutting edge of high-performance kite surfing. With its curvy rocker and outline and high-performance rails, the Wam is designed for radical top to bottom surfing in a wide range of conditions. The Wam is at home in everything from small onshore waves to pumping down-the-line surf. The Wam is fast, lively, and agile and offers a dynamic and exciting ride no matter the conditions. With its bomber Classic Vacuum Bamboo Tec Construction, the Wam is a high-performance kite-surfboard for strapped and strapless kitesurfing. If you are just starting, the Wam is a fantastic board for those first forays into riding surfboards; it’s also perfect for riders looking for high-end performance. The Wam is the perfect board for a multitude of riders in a wide range of conditions; it won’t ever let you down!

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