2023 Duotone Session SLS


The Session SLS has long been a part of our core line-up of surfboards. Sometimes the oceans get angry, and when they do, the swell gets exponentially more powerful. When the conditions get serious, you need a board that can give you confidence and get you into the most critical sections. The Session SLS excels in bigger waves, is still at home in mid to high size surf, but also offers unbeatable control in any conditions. Ample volume under the heel helps the board flow through turns, while the slightly domed deck shape provides a nimble ride for an otherwise very control-oriented design. With its rounded pintail, the Session SLS is a carving machine in waves and an excellent choice for high wind and choppy water. If you want a high performance surfboard that gives you maximum control in all conditions and stays engaged and connected through blazing fast carves, the Session SLS is the one for you.

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