Clinics - Further Information

Who are these kitesurfing and winging clinics for?

Our clinics are perfect for kitesurfers and wind wingers who want to boost their riding and push it to the next level, whether that’s nailing your first transition turn, working on small or high jumps, perfecting grabs, or any other trick you can think of. 

These are progression clinics they are aimed at intermediate / advanced riders so you will need to be able to confidently ride upwind to participate.

How long do the kitesurfing and winging clinics run for?

Each clinic runs for 3 hours. We will start off with a short introduction, briefing and goal setting for the session. Sharing your experience, goals and expectations is essential to get the most out of your session. 

We will be on the water for approximately 2 hours. This gives you plenty of time to practice and improve your new tricks. 

With a 4:1 kiter or wind winger to instructor ratio you will be guaranteed to have ongoing coaching during your session to get you to your next level. We will finish the session with a debrief and provide you with feedback to give your ongoing progress a final boost.

How much do the kitesurfing and winging clinics cost?

Each 3 hour progression clinic costs $150 per rider. 

We require a minimum of 2 riders to be registered per clinic to receive the above price. If only 1 person registers for a particular clinic, we can still proceed but the clinic will run for a reduced duration of 1.5hrs.

Please note that gear hire is not included in this cost, you will need to bring all of your own gear if attending one of our clinics.

Is each kitesurfing and winging clinic the same? 

Nope! We are running a series of different clinics aimed at helping you progress in different disciplines of the sport, whether that’s jumps, old school tricks, unhooking, kite loops, gybes, foot switches or getting competition ready, we’ve got you covered.

What happens if it isn’t windy on the day my kitesurfing or winging clinic is scheduled for?

We aim to run each clinic with a minimum wind condition of 15 knots, maximum 25 knots.

Unfortunately the weather can be unpredictable and we may need to change the date of your session if the conditions are not ideal.

Whether you are booked in for a kitesurfing or winging clinic, we will assess whether there will be optimal weather conditions for your session and confirm the night before your booking whether the clinic will be running at the scheduled time/date or if it will need to be rescheduled.

I’ve heard enough! How do I sign up?

That’s awesome - we can’t wait to see you in one of our kitesurfing clinics!

We maintain a 4:1 kiter or wind winger to instructor ratio for all our clinics so spots are limited, bookings are essential via our website.


Ieke Verkuil (Kiteboarding)

Originally from the Netherlands, Ieke moved to Perth in 2012 and settled in Safety Bay for easy access to the world renowned kitesurfing location, The Pond, where her love of kitesurfing continued. 

Kitesurfing Australia Instructor and GoKiting kiting coach, Ieke is super knowledgeable about all things kiting with some impressive trophies under her belt to prove it, coming in 6th place in the Lighthouse to Leighton race in 2019, 2nd in the WA State Freestyle Nationals in 2020 and Queen of The Pond at the very first BAKL Big Air competition in 2022.

Ieke is a dedicated Duotone Team Rider, having been loyal to Duotone gear since her early beginnings learning the sport. Moving from the Rebel kite to the Dice when she discovered her love of freeride, big air and old school tricks, Ieke is a passionate instructor focussed on progression and style.


Marnix Van Winkelhoff (Kiteboarding)

After sussing out the kitesurfing spots around Perth when deciding to move to Western Australia 10 years ago, Marnix couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live in Safety Bay and be in easy reach of the ideal conditions The Pond has on offer.

Marnix is a passionate kitesurfer with an appreciation for the diversity of the sport. Always keen to lay down a long darkslide or practice an old-school board off, Marnix continuously works hard to improve his riding and is forever trying something new.

Qualified as a Kitesurfing Australia Senior Instructor with a degree in Sports Psychology, as well as working as a GoKiting Coach, Marnix loves running kite clinics with a focus on progression and is passionate about supporting other kiters to continue improving and learning new tricks and skills. 


Oliver Pabbruwe (Wing Foiling)

Keen sailer and lover of all watersports, Oliver is a wing foiling fanatic, getting out on the water whenever he gets a chance. If you ever wing foil down at Dutchies in Cottesloe, Oliver’s favourite winging spot, you may have seen him killing it on his Armstrong and PPC gear – his first choice in gear due to the high quality and wide range of equipment to choose from.

Oliver is a nationally accredited sailing coach and dinghy instructor. Having been running courses for people of all levels, including children, teenagers, school groups and adults since 2015, he knows a thing or two about running a clinic and is amazing at coaching his riders to take their skills to the next level.

If you’re not sure how to take your wing foiling to the next level, Oliver recommends taking advantage of the social aspect of the sport - ask other riders down at the beach for any tips on what you could try differently. Also make sure your having fun and learning each time you go on the water. Oliver will be running a number of wing foiling clinics over the 2022/23 season if you’re ready to progress.