December 30, 2023


2023 has been an absolute epic ride. So much has happened in the last 12 months. Having come out even stronger than ever before and simply super stoked, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the highlights that we are particularly proud of.


On the competition side of things, at only 19 years of age, Andrea Principi not only claimed his second GKA Big Air World title this year but also succeeded in completing the Trilogy. Already winning the Cold Hawaii as well as the Red Bull Megaloop earlier in the year, getting crowned the 2023 King of the Air in Cape Town recently, was a momentous and historic achievement for him, his Trilogy completed. As the first rider ever in the Red Bull King of the Air history to score three 9s from the judges for his exceptional tricks in the final, Andrea Principi took out the event in true legend style.


Big Air has turned into the hottest discipline in kitesurfing, and for us here at Duotone, this is a super exciting time! We would like to congratulate Mikaili Sol on adding her third consecutive Big Air World title to her name, and thus her 7th World title in total. Congratulations go out to Liam Whaley and Nathalie Lambrecht on their Big Air Vice World Champion titles as well! In the Freestyle department, Mika also succeeded in securing the Vice World Champion title, backed up by Claudia León and Nathalie Lambrecht in third and fourth overall. In the men’s, Italian Stallion Gianmaria Coccoluto is the new 2023 Vice World Champion. It doesn’t stop there with several of our team being crowned the GKA World Champions in 2023. Both James Carew and Camille Losserand succeeded in claiming the titles in the Big Air Surfboard discipline. In the Kite-Surf discipline, Airton Cozzolino solidified his legend status by securing another World title. Congrats also to Matchu Lopes, our 2023 Vice World Champion!


But our team’s accomplishments reach far beyond the competition scene. Our riders keep pushing the limits of the sport in all disciplines and all corners of the globe pretty much every day. 2023 has been another year of mind-blowing video productions and legendary trips. James Carew’s web series “Storming”, Patri McLaughlin’s waves in February in Hawaii when Jaws showed its teeth come to mind immediately and so do Gabi Steindl’s recent solo sessions at the infamous, pumping Cloudreak in Fiji. We’re extremely proud of every single one of you; without you Duotone would not be what it is today!


With the CONCEPT BLUE line, Duotone started a new era of products in 2023. Designed and built with the newest and most sustainable materials available, we launched two twintips (Select and Soleil Concept Blue) and one surfboard, the Volt SLS, for a better future for our planet, using our two new superhero materials Flax and Basalt. Offering similar properties to our traditionally built boards with many additional benefits, combining these natural products allows us to reduce the overall CO2 footprint considerably. We pride ourselves on being the only brand in the kiting industry to go to these great lengths, and our vision is to integrate Concept Blue into the whole product range. Another addition to our company’s Concept Blue products has been our apparel line, featuring undyed cotton garments. This is a step-by-step process, and more new Concept Blue products like a Concept Blue Evo and Neo will be launched early next year — watch this space!


DRIVEN, the 4th edition of Duotone’s Magazine in collaboration with Porsche was another mega success. Dedicated to the powerful drive that’s behind everything we do at Duotone, here are just two of the magazine’s highlights: Liam Whaley, Reno Romeu and Matchu Lopes’ exploratory trip for the ages in two all-terrain Porsches covering over 2000 kilometres of Alaska’s unique wilderness in search of the most mind-blowing and unique kitesurfing spots. Or Tarifa’s legend, Jaime Herraiz hands-on test between the Toro from 2001 and the Evo from 2023 to see how far kite development has come in the last two decades.


The next generation is the future of our sport. Since its inception in 2006, our YOUNG BLOOD initiative has grown from strength to strength and with Porsche’s ongoing support, the sky's the limit! The 2023 edition of the YOUNG BLOOD CAMP in El Gouna was the perfect testimony of the success of this initiative. It’s hard to put into words how rewarding it is to be part of the evolution of the success stories of many of the participants. These new talents inspire us in many ways, most of all by pushing the sport to the next level. And we feel truly privileged to help inspire them to do exactly that!


The DUOTONE PRO CENTERS global network expanded once again in 2023! The newest addition is a kite and wing foil centre located on Boa Vista - an island still undiscovered by the masses, offering incredible spots. Operated by our enthusiastic friends from DPC Sicily, along with our strapless hero and Cape Verdean local Matchu Lopes, we have opened a new Pro Center location. This center promises to impress with its laid-back island vibes, excellent gear selection, and fantastic wind and wave conditions. Seize the opportunity to go on an explorer wave trip around the island with Matchu himself - an experience not to be missed!


After Duotone’s first Porsche kite sold out in record time last year, we launched a new kite and board special edition that was presented in Tarifa together with Liam Whaley. Paying homage to the famous and iconic Porsche 917/20 race car, better known as Pink Pig, Dicke Berta or the Sau, the PORSCHE PINK PIG SPECIAL EDITION kite and board combination is a true masterpiece in which the craftsmanship of Porsche meets the kite technology of Duotone. Limited to 360 units in reference to the top speed of the car, which competed at Le Mans in 1971, there are only a few units left, so be quick!


100% committed to your quick and safe progression in kiteboarding, plus maximising your fun factor, we added loads of new video tutorials, workouts, and the SPOTS feature to the DUOTONE ACADEMY APP this year. Featuring the most comprehensive trick library worldwide, the Academy App is the one-stop shop supporting you every step of the way no matter the discipline (hooked, unhooked, strapless, foil, wave…) and the possibility to connect with your kite buddies wherever you are. The App's tribe of over 201.000 users is growing by the second. If you haven't signed up for the Academy yet, what are you waiting for? Let's redefine your limits - together

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