Ride Higher, Loop Bigger: Introducing the Slingshot Code NXT and Slingshot Code V2

June 13, 2024

Ride Higher, Loop Bigger: Introducing the Slingshot Code NXT and Slingshot Code V2

At WA SURF, we're all about bringing you the best gear from the most innovative brands in kiteboarding and wing foiling. Slingshot Kites, a pioneer in the kiteboarding industry, has been at the forefront of kite design and technology, delivering exceptional performance and reliability for riders of all levels. Known for their commitment to quality and cutting-edge advancements, Slingshot Kites have helped riders push their limits and redefine what's possible on the water.

Recently, Mark travelled over East for the annual Slingshot meeting and got the lowdown on some awesome new gear that’s about to hit the market. Fred Hope, the Slingshot Product Manager and Team Rider from Hood River, Oregon, shared all the details. Two awesome new products that really caught our attention were the Slingshot Code NXT and Slingshot Code V2. These kites are coming to Australia just in time for our season, and you’re going to want to check them out.


Introducing the Slingshot Code NXT and Slingshot Code V2

Slingshot Code NXT

Slingshot Code NXT: Boost Higher, Loop Bigger, Fly Farther

If you’re looking to take your Big Air game to the next level, the Slingshot Code NXT is for you. This 3-strut kite is packed with advanced materials and innovative design features, including the Progressive Arc Canopy, which helps you achieve higher boosts and bigger loops with smooth, intuitive handling.


Who is this kite for?

The Code NXT is perfect for riders who want to break personal height records, throw massive powered kite loops, and stand out on the beach. If you’re looking to boost higher, loop bigger, and fly farther, this kite is your go-to. 


Key Features of the Slingshot Code NXT:

  • NXT Airframe Design: Premium laminate materials for a kite that responds instantly and accelerates quickly, letting you ride a smaller kite in stronger winds.
  • NXT TrimFlite Bridle System: SK99 bridle lines offer minimal drag and enhanced response, making the kite faster and more efficient
  • Progressive Arc Canopy: Higher aspect profile for longer hang time, faster turning speeds, and precise control for dynamic riding.
  • 4x4 Canopy Tech: Durable ripstop nylon provides tear resistance and maintains shape, ensuring your kite lasts season after season.
  • Rider Customisation System: Adjust the kite’s handling, power, and performance to match your riding style and conditions, giving you the flexibility to optimise your kite for any session.
  • One Pump Speed System: Quick and easy inflation speeds up your setup and pack down times, so you can spend more time on the water.
  • High Pressure Inflation: Military-grade inflation system making it easier and faster to inflate and deflate your kite, reducing the effort and time needed to get ready. 



Slingshot Code V2

Slingshot Code V2: Modern Freeride Mastery

The Slingshot Code V2 is back with major upgrades, making it a top choice for modern freeriding. This second-generation kite balances control, power, and speed with its three-strut design. The new tapered wingtips and Progressive Arc Canopy improve handling and wind range, while maintaining the beloved “Sheet and Go” performance.


Who is this kite for?

Whether you’re learning your first water starts or perfecting advanced tricks, the Code V2 supports your progression. It’s designed for riders who want easy handling and a direct connection to their kite, making every session more enjoyable.



Key Features of the Slingshot Code V2:

  • FrameLITE Design: High-tenacity polyester eliminates stretch, offering superior response and handling in every situation, also ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Hybrid Open C Canopy: Tapered wingtips expand wind range and increase turning speed, helping you jump higher and loop more confidently.
  • 4x4 Canopy Tech: Incredibly strong and durable, reinforced ripstop nylon for unmatched durability and minimal stretch, ensuring your kite performs consistently over time.
  • TrimFlight Bridle System: Thinner lines and a 6-point bridle reduce drag and increase efficiency for precise and responsive steering and control.
  • Rider Customisation System: Tailor handling and power to your preferences, allowing you to adjust the turning speed, power level, and bar pressure for an optimised ride.
  • One Pump Speed System: Streamlined and durable tubing system makes inflation quick and easy, so you can get on the water faster.
  • High Pressure Inflation: Fastest and most durable inflation and deflation available, making setup and pack down a breeze.


Why the Slingshot Code NXT and Slingshot Code V2 are must-haves

Both the Code NXT and Code V2 deliver outstanding performance and durability. Pro rider Jeremy Burlando has already taken them to the podium in major competitions like GKA Full Power Tarifa, GKA Lords of Tram, and Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting their exceptional build quality and performance. 


Demo and pre-order yours today

We’re stoked to have a 9m Code NXT and Code V2 in-store and available for demo. The initial feedback has been fantastic, and we can’t wait for you to experience these kites yourself.

Get in touch to arrange a demo of these awesome new kites and secure your pre-order for when they arrive this season. Get ready to ride the future of kiteboarding.

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