March 05, 2015

WA Surf Flatwater20

Sun 22nd March 2015
7:30 am - 2:00 pm

Ascot Kayak Club - Garvey Park Belmont


WA's best and only SUP Marathon race. Held this year in the beautful surrounds of Bayswater - near the finish for the Avon Decent. The WA Surf Flatwater20 is the premier marathon even, its a rewarding challenge and it is tactical, the key is to draft your competitors, which results in a long conga line of paddlers - which is quite spectacular to watch. 

This year we have a couple of new additions to make the racing even more exciting. Teams of either 2 or 3 can enter - electing to either paddle the course as a team or divide the course into relay legs or both! Team paddling is similar to the Tour de France where a team of 2 or 3 will create their own train and swap over the lead to get the fastest pace - by mindful however, that you will be timed off your slowest paddler (don't fall off the train!). The relay option is simply doing a lap or 2 each of the 4 lap course (5km per lap). The change over pen holds the paddlers, as your paddler comes by you tag them to change over or you can elect to paddler with them as a team - tactical options.

The change over pen is a set area of ~100m, you must tag within this zone to chahnge over with your team member - if you are outside this zone (ie you both paddled past without tagging) then you are deemed to be paddling together as a team (draft train) - the time or chnageover person on the next lap will be taken off the slower paddler in the team.

This will make for excting racing - anyone can draft anyone (within their gender), so there will be trains and break aways - something always going!

For course the real focus will be on the solo paddlers. These guys and girls represent the top paddlers from the state - taking on the full 20km for National representation. 

Should be a great day - make sure you you get onboard a train!

Board length - 14'


Open Female Solo

Open Male Solo

O/40 Female

O/40 Male

O/50 Male

Open Female Duo

Open Male Duo

Open Female Trio

Open Male Trio


Registration -

Race briefing -

Race Start -

Presentations immdiately after the final competitor finishes.

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