30 Day Board Guarantee

January 10, 2014

Welcome to 2014! Hot off the press, we've come up with what we believe to be a pretty sweet deal, and something that we are pretty confident to say we're the first and only ones offering this guarantee.

Always striving to give our loyal customers the best possible service we can, we are proud to introduce our brand new, 30 day guarantee on EVERY board we sell. That's kite twip tip, directional wave board or stand up paddle board.

The Guarantee

If you aren't absolutely frothing on your new board, you can bring it back to us within 30 days and swap it for ANY other model we have in stock, up to the same value.

The fine print:

This offer is limited to once per person, per board purchase.
Original board can be swapped for a new board of any model held in stock, up to the same dollar value. If the new board is of a higher dollar value, the difference must be paid between the original purchase price and the new board's original value.
The board must be in "reasonable" condition for it's age. That is, what we classify as normal wear and tear. If it's broken or has been damaged in any way, we reserve the right to say "no, sorry".

If you're not happy with that, then you're a very hard person to please!

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