Marnix Van Winkelhoff

August 07, 2023

marnix van winkelhoff - wa surf coach


FLUENCY: English, Dutch


DISCIPLINES: Twintip Freeride, Twintip Big Air

LEVELS: Intermediate, Advanced



Originally from the Netherlands, Marnix is a passionate kitesurfer who has found his second home in Western Australia. His kitesurfing journey began in 2013, driven by a thirst for adrenaline and a love for the water.

Marnix's passion for kitesurfing led him to become a qualified Senior KA Kitesurfing Instructor in 2017. Marnix has also completed a degree in Sports Psychology, which along with his extensive experience, adds a unique dimension to his coaching. He thrives on teaching all levels of kitesurfing, from beginners to advanced riders, always emphasizing progression and growth. What excites him most about instructing is witnessing the evolution of his students' skills and knowledge.

Not only a skilled instructor, but Marnix is also a seasoned competitor, securing 1st place in Freestyle and a solid 3rd place overall in the downwind series at the 2023 Windfest competition.

Beyond instruction, kitesurfing defines Marnix's lifestyle. Whether he's coaching or perfecting his own techniques, his enthusiasm is infectious. His dedication to pushing boundaries and helping others excel makes Marnix an invaluable asset to the WA Surf team, embodying the spirit of adventure and growth that kitesurfing represents.

Marnix's advice to people just starting out in kitesurfing? Fully commit, invest in proper gear, and take lessons in succession to fast-track learning!


Connect with Marnix on Instagram >> @11marnix

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