Reedin DSX V2 Control Bar


Auto-swivel kitesurf bar from Reedin with new lines and floaters

At Reedin they are far from sitting still, if they can improve something they will get to work directly. This new Reedin Dreamstick X bar has had some really big upgrades, adding the Dreamstick X V2 2024 to our favorite list of bars.

The most striking upgrade of the Reedin Dreamstick X kitesurf bar are the new floaters. The new floaters can bend inwards more easily, so they wear less quickly. The new design of the floaters also ensures that your lines can wrap around your bar even less quickly.

For the new Dreamstick X 2024 bar. Reedin has chosen to upgrade the lines with SK99 Dyneema. This Dyneema is 20% stronger than standard Dyneema. The stretch that can lead to a delay of your steering input is also limited to a minimum by using the new SK99 Dyneema.

A slightly less noticeable upgrade, but just as important is the cover of the depower trimline. This is now super neatly concealed and can no longer get ugly around the clam cleat or even come loose.

As a final upgrade, Reedin has made the way the flagging line sits in the QR a little more rigid. This ensures that the flagging line can un-twist better when the power lines are spinning. And that benefits the life of your flagging line.

Just like the previous version of the Dreamstick X, this Dreamstick X V2 also has a super thin diameter and the width is adjustable from 43 to 49 centimeters. Thanks to the PU monoblock depower line, the Dreamstick X V2 has the same super smooth auto-swivel option as you are used to from the Dreamstick X. Because Reedin understands that you also want to ride the Dreamstick, even if you don't have a Reedin kite, you can easily swap pigtails at the end of your lines so that the knots and loops also match on, for example, your North, Naish, Ozone, Cabrinha or Slingshot kite. You can ride almost every kite with a low split of the power lines with the Reedin Dreamstick X V2.

Reedin has made the Dreamstick X V2 in a short version for the smaller kitesurfers, and especially kids. The monoblock depower line has been made shorter so that the Dreamstick cannot get too far away from you when you let go of the bar. The trim line of your depower is also closer so that you can easily reach the depower.

    Four line kitesurf bar
  • New SK99 lines
  • New floaters
  • Monoblock pu depower
  • Smooth Auto-swivel
  • Super thin diameter
  • Adjustable in width
  • Click in QR
  • Low powerline split

Category: 2023, Control Bar, Reedin

Type: Kite Bar

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