Ozone Reo V7 Ultra-X


Ultra-Light, Ultra-Quick, Ultra-Responsive and Ultra-Reliable - The new Ozone Reo V7 Ultra X

For radical shredding in serious situations. Ultra-light, ultraquick, ultra-responsive and ultra-reliable. Experience the closest to pure surfing freedom you could imagine while riding with a kite. Applying new but proven lightweight and stiff performance materials, tested across a three year period, has led to the next evolution in the Reo鈥檚 stunning legacy.

路 Next level wave riding specific design
路 High performance, light weight materials for ultimate handling聽in surf
路 Super fast and direct feedback, even at the edge of the window
路 Mind blowing drift and slack line control
路 Transverse sail shaping for tighter canopy and huge range

Who is it for?

This second model released alongside the Reo V7 is a razor sharp, laser focused wave kite designed for riders searching for ultimate performance.

The Ultra-X model is designed around the same transversely shaped canopy and air frame skeleton as the Reo V7 but features a 20% lighter dacron and 17% lighter canopy material. This may be one of the lightest pure wave kites on the market, but it鈥檚 not all about weight.

As ever our primary focus was on aerodynamic performance and the Ultra-X is stiffer throughout, offering increased drift, reduced nose diving at the edge of the window in radical surf and lightning fast, super-crisp response.

Drift performance and responsiveness at the edge of the window in slack line situations is perhaps the biggest appeal to those searching for true surf performance. While the Reo has always been a pure wave performance machine, all of these lightweight performance handling gains offer huge advantages for the freeride kitefoiler, too.

Building from the V7 Base

Broken down, the Ultra-X is built around the new V7 framework. There have been many subtle tweaks to
stitching lines and panels applied to these designs since the V6 model, but the biggest improvement in canopy tautness has been achieved thanks to transverse sail shaping on the leading edge, improving your sense of sail control.

Applying the experience of our paragliding design colleagues, the V7 framework features an extra seam in
the sail running close to the leading edge, which allows for more true 3D shaping. Not only have we managed to add more profile curvature, we鈥檝e also added more strength in the high lift zone
thanks to that extra seam.

Ultra X Materials

In collaboration with colleagues in the dedicated prototyping department of Ozone鈥檚 own factory, our design team embarked on an intense material development and testing programme spanning more than three years.

The use of light weight performance materials has helped deliver improved drift, faster reactiveness / turning speed and more drive through the window. Despite being around 20% lighter than the V7, all materials used in the Reo Ultra-X are proven to deliver integral strength, too.


The original wave machine - Reo V7

The V7 follows the Reo鈥檚 original path of being the most pure focused wave kite you can buy with exquisite aerodynamic handling that ensures excellent, long-lasting performance. It may surprise you to note that the 鈥榮tandard鈥 V7 model is still lighter than some of the other available models on the market that are pitched as 鈥榮uper light鈥. The strength properties of the lighter weight materials in the Ultra-X are actually higher, but if you regularly kite off a rocky beach then the thicker materials of the regular V7 model will provide more 鈥榮cuffable鈥 material with the extra layers of fibre for longer lasting wear and tear abuse.

The shapest tool in the box - Reo Ultra-X

We鈥檝e taken things a step further and implemented different materials into the same V7 framework. All materials used in the Ultra-X have been chosen because they鈥檙e stiffer and often stronger for the intended use. However, like a carbon fibre road bike, the Ultra-X just requires an appreciation for how to handle high performance gear. High performance levels are borne from the fact that our designers capitalise on having 100% access to Ozone鈥檚 own factory to try new ideas and then produce as many prototypes as it takes to make products feel just right.

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