Core Sensor 4 Bar & Lines


Simplicity meets Versatility 

The cleanest and simplest bar on the market - now more versatile and reliable than ever

The Sensor Bar system is a pioneer in many aspects such as the ultra-direct bar feel, its simplicity and tidiness as well as all its high-end components and workmanship. With the fourth generation, we've elevated the Sensor Bar's versatility, functionality, and safety to a new level.

SFS+: Unique single frontline safety opens up completely new possibilities

The Sensor Bar has been expanded to include a full flag-out safety tested by IKO, which can now also be used to fly fixed bridle kites such as the Pace Pro, but of course also all other CORE models, as well as many other kites on the market. 

New flexibility by switching between high and low V 

Easy change from a high V (aka Y) to a low V within seconds. While all CORE kites are optimized for a high V, a low V offers advantages for radical action with short lines below 20 meters.

With SFS+ and High/Low-V-Line Split, the Sensor 4 becomes more versatile and universally combinable with many kites on the market.

The new Sensor 4 - progress is in your hands.


  • NEW! SFS+ 100% SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SFS): maximum safety - now also fully compatible with fixed-bridle kites¬† ¬†
  • NEW! HIGH V OR LOW V LINE SPLIT: for even more adjustability to your preferences¬†
  • NEW! UNIVERSAL PIGTAILS: practical and universal¬†
  • TITANIUM CORE: Extra rigid, titanium trussed, composite bar
  • STEALTH WINDERS: clean bar ends reveal hidden line winders
  • GRIPLOC: Optimized bar texture for best grip
  • BAR WIDTH ADJUSTMENT: quick and easy by clicking out and in
  • AUTO UNTWIST: Automatic, below-the-bar front line untwist via ceramic bearings
  • 4:1 ADJUSTER: Fast. Precise. And proven trim adjuster
  • CIC RELEASE: Intuitive, easy push-out release mechanism and quick assembly¬†
  • SHORT SAFETY LEASH: Extra short and extra safe
  • LINES MADE IN GERMANY: Durable, pre-stretched lines for long life
  • VARIO LINES: 24, 22, 20 and 18m line lengths possible
  • SPLICED ENDS: Braided and sewn ends for extra strength
  • REPLACEABLE BAR INSERTS: Self-lubricating, centerline bar inserts fully replaceable
  • TECTANIUM POWERLINES: Narrow-width for better between-the-fingers riding
  • ANTI-SLIP COATING: Water-activated grip

Sensor 4 delivery:

24m Vario lines (18+4+2m), standard loop/stick set, 50cm/46.5cm bar, Short Safety Leash, barbag & manual

Category: 2023, 2024, Core, Kiteboarding

Type: Kite Bar

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