Armstrong MA1475 Foil Kit


MA1475 Foil Kit includes:-

Front Wing - MA1475
Rear Wing - Flow 235
Mast - 85cm
Fuselage - TC70

The ideal tool for lighter days or scoring endless rides downwind.

Expanding on the performance of the MA1225, the 1475 delivers increased low end and long-distance pumpability. This makes the 1475 terrific for all-around lightwind winging and a prime downwinding foil for riders of all skill levels.

Broad Speed Range

Thanks to its high camber foil section, the MA range delivers a unique blend of lift at low speeds yet retains excellent controllability at the top end. This makes getting onto foil easier while reducing your chances of being “over foiled” in big conditions.

Fluid Carving

There’s nothing better than feeling connected to the foil through a turn, which is why we’ve designed the MA foils to deliver seamless and intuitive control through the full range of bank angles.

Lighting Fast Ventilation Recovery

From breaching a wingtip in the surf to landing an air, the MA range handles ventilation with ease. A fine leading edge section and tuned wingtip inflection allow for quick flow reattachment after a breach, making these foils the perfect platform for practising aerials or ripping the hardest turns of your foiling journey.


WING: Rider weight 75kg+ (165lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
PRONE SURF: Rider weight 75kg+ (165lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
SUP SURF: Rider weight 75kg+ (165lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
DOWNWIND: Rider weight 75kg+ (165lbs+), Rookie/Intermediate/Advanced
WAKE: Rider weight 75kg+ (165lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced


Span: 1050mm
Area: 1475cm2
Aspect Ratio: 7.5

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