2023 Duotone Shred 128cm


Young shredders had to wait way too long to get gear for their size. Often they’ve been forced to ride smaller versions of adult equipment, but that gear isn’t always the easiest to use. Now the Shred aims to put a specially designed board in the hands of the groms, so they can maximise their performance. With a specially designed narrower outline, the board is smoother through the water, easier to carve from rail to rail and offers better pop as it is easier to edge. Space Flex technology is also used, along with the Carbon Beam, to make the board super responsive and help it cut through chop with ease. If you have young ones, you’ll know how important it is to keep them smiling and ensure the stoke factor is at a maximum. The all-new Shred will deliver smiles for miles while offering performance they won’t get anywhere else. Your kids deserve the best; the Shred delivers!

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