Kite Foiling Lesson

What you will learn: The basics of learning to handle, ride and fly on our Foil System.  We currently use the Konrad Versa Foilboard with a shorter mast setup to get you started.
The biggest buzz in the kiteboarding world is hydro-foiling. Adding a totally new element to the sport we already love, kiting on a foil allows you to ride in conditions you previously would not have thought twice about. 
Pre-Lesson Requirements
As a minimum, we require all foiling students to have a good level of kite control skills, and be able to ride competently in normal Perth conditions. Being able to ride a kite surfboard (directional) in both directions, heelside and toeside, will make the transition onto a foil board much easier.
We do suggest you have your own kite gear for the lesson. This will make the learning process a lot easier. Kite size will depend on your weight and the winds you would like to foil in. We usually suggest your largest kite in light conditions as the easiest time to learn to kite foil.

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