Yasmina Bujanow [Duotone]

July 08, 2024

Yasmina Bujanow [Duotone]

Meet Yasmina, a passionate and accomplished strapless wave rider with an awesome kitesurfing journey spanning over 16 years. Growing up in a town in Spain about 150km from Tarifa, the capital of European wind sports, Yasmina always loved watching watersports. As a kid, her weekends in summer would be filled with days watching the windsurfers out on the water. Having always wanted to try windsurfing herself, as soon as she turned 18 and got her drivers license she borrowed her mums car and drove to Tarifa. By that point, kitesurfing was becoming more popular so she decided to try kitesurfing instead of windsurfing and was instantly hooked. 

After completing her first kitesurfing lessons in 2006, she made the decision to move over to Tarifa the following season so that she could keep on learning and kite every day. After years of riding with a twintip, she gave strapless wave riding a go when she moved to Australia in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since.

There is so much to love about kitesurfing for Yasmina. Being in the water and the feeling of freedom and connection to the ocean. When she is kitesurfing, especially in the waves, she can free her mind and not think about anything else in that moment. She also loves the lifestyle, kitesurfing motivates her to live a healthier lifestyle, going to the gym, doing yoga and freedrive training to make sure she is fit and prepared for any situation she might face out on the water.

Yasmina has achieved some impressive competition results over the last few years, being awarded first place in the WA State Wave Competition female category in 2021 and 2022, as well as first place in the WA Margaret River Wave Quobba Classic in 2022 in both the female and the men's categories.


Connect with Yasmina on Instagram >> @yasminabujanow