Marnix Van Winkelhoff [Duotone]

July 06, 2024

Marnix Van Winkelhoff [Duotone]

Originally from the Netherlands, Marnix is a passionate kiteboarder who has found his second home in Western Australia. His kiteboarding journey began in 2013, driven by a thirst for adrenaline and a love for the water. For Marnix, kiteboarding isn't just a sport - it's a lifestyle.

As one of WA SURF's experienced coaches, Marnix thrives on teaching all levels of kitesurfing, from beginners to advanced riders, always emphasising progression and growth. He is also a seasoned competitor, securing 1st place in Freestyle and a solid 3rd place overall in the downwind series at the 2023 Windfest competition, as well as 3rd place in the 2024 Big Air Competition in Augusta.

When it comes to kiteboarding gear, Marnix is a loyal Duotone rider. As a professional photographer, he is particularly drawn to Duotone for their outstanding designs and vibrant colours, which are perfect for capturing dynamic and stunning visuals. He also appreciates Duotone's commitment to research and constant improvement of their gear, including kites and bars. Marnix admires Duotone's collaborations with other top brands, such as their limited edition releases with Porsche, always ensuring he has something special in his quiver.


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