Mastering the Barefoot Slide: A Step-by-Step Guide

December 27, 2023

barefoot slide - kitesurfing trick

If you're looking to add some flair to your repertoire of kitesurfing tricks, the Barefoot Slide is a must-try trick that combines skill and balance, plus it looks awesome. In this guide, we'll break down the steps to help you nail this impressive maneuver.


Getting Started

Master the basics: Before you get started, it is important that you are able to do a board off, darkslide or back roll hand drag so that you've nailed the basics of how to slide. You also need to know how to pop.

Prepare Your Gear: Ensure that the straps on your board are loose enough for easy foot movement. The freedom to slide in and out of the straps is crucial for executing the Barefoot Slide seamlessly.


Executing the Barefoot Slide

STEP 1: Speed and Kite Position

Ride at a fast speed on edge, then bring your kite to 1 o'clock. This setup is essential for generating the right amount of power and control during the trick.

STEP 2: Pop and Reach

Pop off the water, and immediately after, reach for your board with your front hand. This creates the perfect moment to initiate the slide.

STEP 3: Sheet In and Centralise Your Hand

As you approach the water, sheet in and keep your hand centered on the bar. This helps maintain control and balance during the sliding motion.

STEP 4: Press Feet into the Water

Press your feet into the water to initiate the slide. Focus on maintaining balance and control as you glide on the water's surface.

STEP 5: Steer and Loop

Slowly steer the kite overhead and initiate a controlled loop. Timing is crucial here; loop too early, and you'll catch too much air, loop too late, and you won't have enough lift to get your board back on.

STEP 6: Board Reattachment

Once you've completed the slide, put your board back on, keeping your eyes on the straps to ensure your feet are securely in place.

STEP 7: Land Downwind and Ride Out

Finish the trick by landing downwind and smoothly riding out, showcasing your mastery of the Barefoot Slide.

Joe Ware - barefoot slide kitesurfing trick

[Rider: JOE WARE / Photo by: GREG GERHARDT]


Extra Tips for Success

Practice Sliding First: If you're new to the trick, start by dropping your board into the water and focus on perfecting the slide before worrying about reattaching the board. Confidence in sliding sets the foundation for mastering the entire trick.


Perfect Your Looping Technique: Looping is a critical component when reattaching your board. Timing is everything, so practice looping at the right moment to achieve the perfect lift without excessive air or insufficient power.


Take Your Kitesurfing Tricks to the Next Level

If you'd like some help working on your kitesurfing tricks, check out the WA SURF Academy.

Made up of a range of development and advanced coaching programs throughout all kitesurfing and wing foiling disciplines, we've teamed up with some of the best kitesurfing and wing foiling coaches out there, giving our students the potential to fully immerse themselves in the sport and really progress their riding skills.

Advanced coaching sessions through the WA SURF Academy are up and running, learn more here.


Check out the Barefoot Slide in action below!

Youtube thumbnail - barefoot slide in action

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