TemaVento Board & Taaroa Sword2 Foil - Used


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Get yourself a high performance race kitefoil setup. Mid 2016 TemaVento carbon race foil board (147cm x 44cm) with deep tuttle box to fit all tuttle box foils with 3 x North Race straps. Box is in correct position for Taaroa Sword2 race foil but should fit most current foils. The board is in excellent condition with only a few cosmetic marks. These boards new are $1600 excluding straps, and come in at 2.5kg (without straps) when new, so extremely light weight.

The foil is a brand new Taaroa Sword2 mast (4 sessions old) which has been sanded for performance, and current flat race wings, new in October 2016. The foil comes with a brand new Taaroa foil cover to protect your setup. The Sword2 has been at the front of the world fleet since it's inception, winning multiple World, European & National championships. The mast & Fuselage is one piece ensuring a very strong foil. A new Sword2 goes for $2750.

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