SMIK Wing Ding



At SMIK, we've been taking our time in developing our wings, to make sure that we're not putting anything sub-par onto the market. We're pretty much there and really happy with how they feel now. Powerful yet efficient foil shape for superior lift and forward drive for getting up onto the foil easily Stable/balanced power whilst in flight Tight leech providing excellent lift and control Ridiculously stable in neutral mode when surfing a wave Solid struts that don't flex when overpowered Quality comfortable handles with minimal twist No windows or battens means less care required when packing and storing. Windows won't fog or crack. Battens won't snap. Super clean shape with little to no flutter making battens unnecessary. Having tested the competitors' wings, we're confident to have the best performing, least hassle, most durable wing available for flat water and surf usage.
3.5m Colour - Yellow/Brown


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