PPC Footstrap Single


Pacific Paddle Co Board Bag

Our take on a comfortable yet rigid foot strap. We were frustrated at what the market offered in terms of a comfortable foot strap that held you in place. Some were comfortable & felt good to begin with, however they got very soft & gave out after a short amount of usage. Foot straps are like ski bindings, you want to be held in throughout maneuvers.

The PPC straps use a special formula of 3 layers of memory foam which achieves a comfortable, yet rigid feel which firmly holds your feet in place during tight maneuvers. Our straps are reinforced with high strength webbing through the centre.

Light weight, easy to lie down paddle on, the PPC foot straps are ideal for wing foiling, prone, tow foiling & any form of foiling you may need foot straps. Our custom forged carbon blend washers are as flat & round as we could get them so you don’t feel them when laying on them.

Carefully placed screw holes giving you a large amount of adjustability.

Includes our custom stainless Torx 30 flat tip scews & forged custom designed flat carbon washers.

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