Ozone Torque V2 Complete



Providing un-compromised performance for Freeriders and Freestylers, the Torque V2 is ultra smooth and responsive. It delivers explosive performance with amazing grip and smooth flex to stick your landings.

The Torque V2 features an updated quad concave hull design enhancing tracking and pop. Refined spines running the length of the board increase edge hold in strong winds and chop, providing ultimate control and precision when loading up for jumps.

New deck shaping with a progressive taper into the tips improves feeling and flex patterns, enabling a smoother take off and softer landing. The square tip outline means more rail and board surface area in the water to load up against for an insane pop experience, whether you are boosting airs with straps or throwing unhooked moves with boots.

It provides excellent edge retention and strong upwind performance. The feeling, stability and predictability of the Torque V2 means it has never been so easy to progress in all aspects of twin tip riding, go send it and see!

SIZES - 128x38, 131x39, 134x40, 136x41, 138x42, 140x43

COLOURS - Green, Black or Blue/Yellow

Includes Pads/Straps and Grab Handle


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