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Two years after the V6 launched, now tuned more tightly than ever, the icon returns in the form of the Reo V7. A pure fire mix of speed, power control, drift and rapid relaunch, the V7鈥檚 joystick control delivers thrilling sessions every time you hit the water.

路 Wave riding specific design
路 Improved low end and wider performance range
路 Transverse sail shaping for cleaner and tighter canopy
路 Super direct with improved response and range before luffing
路 Instant power, faster handling, huge de-power and insane drift

This year there is also a second version of the Reo V7 available: the Reo V7 Ultra-X (SEE HERE)

Who is the Reo V7 for?

Good intermediates and beyond. It鈥檚 faster, smoother and has a bigger range. This is a kite for riders with waves on their mind. The quick turning, crisp control and excellent drift performance also works excellently for freeride foilers who need a kite that will remain highly responsive in as much of the wind window as possible.

What's new on the V7?

路 New refined design and sail control
路 Transverse sail shaping results in a cleaner aerofoil聽for increased performance
路 Reduced drag and more drive through the window
路 Smoother handling in gusty conditions
路 Improved low end
路 Thinner bridles than on V6 for reduced parasitic drag 聽and weight

Being more ruggedly built than the Ultra-X version, the meatier material on the V7 is better suited to
riders who may regularly rig up and launch / land on more abrasive beaches. The smallest sizes may also be
preferable for anyone riding in stronger wind conditions when the extra durability can add peace of mind, at which point the lighter weight materials on the Ultra-X will have less effect on overall performance.

Our tightest canopy yet!

Searching for as tight a canopy as possible is a continuous journey. Whether you choose the V7 or the V7 Ultra-X, both models have the same panel layout. There have been many subtle tweaks to stitching lines and panels applied to these designs since the V6 model, but the biggest improvement in canopy tautness has come thanks to transverse sail shaping on the leading edge.

This isn't just the beginning!

Take the V7 out for a session and one of the first things you鈥檒l notice is how improved your sense of sail control will feel. Applying the experience of our paragliding design colleagues, the Reo V7 features an
extra seam in the sail running close to the leading edge, which allows for more true 3D shaping.

Of course each cut and any extra panel additions lead to another manufacturing process and can add
more weight. The art of design is finding this perfect balance. Not only have we managed to add more profile
curvature, but we鈥檝e also added more strength in the high lift zone thanks to the extra seams.

Original Reo DNA with improved range and better feel

The Reo V7 features an evolved combination of design features that will help your wave riding improve. Maintaining its low aspect three-strut platform, the V7 offers super fast turning response with rapid but silky smooth movement through the window and a handling sweet spot that鈥檚 now even wider in its wind range.

The cleaner and tighter aerofoil has also improved the low end, which is now markedly better in the V7.
Luffing later, you鈥檒l enjoy even more predictability and clean feedback from the kite across a wider range of
winds before the canopy is compromised.

Of course, superb drift and float overhead remain key characteristics that have also been improved.


The original wave machine - Reo V7

The V7 follows the Reo鈥檚 original path of being the most pure focused wave kite you can buy with exquisite aerodynamic handling that ensures excellent, long-lasting performance. It may surprise you to note that the 鈥榮tandard鈥 V7 model is still lighter than some of the other available models on the market that are pitched as 鈥榮uper light鈥. The strength properties of the lighter weight materials in the Ultra-X are actually higher, but if you regularly kite off a rocky beach then the thicker materials of the regular V7 model will provide more 鈥榮cuffable鈥 material with the extra layers of fibre for longer lasting wear and tear abuse.

The shapest tool in the box - Reo Ultra-X

We鈥檝e taken things a step further and implemented different materials into the same V7 framework. All materials used in the Ultra-X have been chosen because they鈥檙e stiffer and often stronger for the intended use. However, like a carbon fibre road bike, the Ultra-X just requires an appreciation for how to handle high performance gear. High performance levels are borne from the fact that our designers capitalise on having 100% access to Ozone鈥檚 own factory to try new ideas and then produce as many prototypes as it takes to make products feel just right.

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