J Shapes Mast


The 95cm mast is your "go to" mast, it can do it all in any conditions.  
It will allow the rider to lean hard upwind, float you down wind without touching down and help you glide through your transitions.  The mast flares at the top and bottom of the mast to reduce torsion and reinforce the connection points. 
It comes with a Deep Tuttle (Recommended) or Tuttle box at the top. The mini tuttle at the bottom fits easly into the fuselage.

The four stainless inserts are custom made to our specification. They are interchangeable. They are the 12mm diameter so if you are traveling you can easily find a spare if you need to. 

It is made in house in Raglan, New Zealand. The mast is made of over 30 pieces of prepreg carbon with a close cell foam core. Almost all the pieces of carbon run the entire length of the mast so that the top and bottom inserts are going through the same piece of carbon.  It is made with a mix of twill, Uni-directional and Bi axial prepreg carbon. The leading and trailing edge of the foil are solid carbon and epoxy.  This mast is made to play so you don’t have to worry about your gear, just focus on your riding. 

The mast can be finished in white Durapox or Carbon
Why Durapox?

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