J Shapes Freeride Foil


The Foil and Fuselage

The J Shapes freeride foil was designed to be tough, playful and glide effortlessly in all conditions.  The one piece construction will give you the peace of mind to jump, wave ride, cruise and race in all conditions. 
It will foil up at around 12 knots and will easily hit 25 knots and go to the upper 20’s in total comfort. 


Front wing : 8cm by 14cm
Front foil : 9cm high
Fuselage from front wing to tail : 65cm
Rear foil : 35cm by 8.5cm
Fuselage : 35mm x 30mm

The profile of the front foil will allow you to plane up early in light winds and be in full control at top speeds. The front foil dimensions make very stable in all direction and will allow the rider to lean and carve into turns without spinning out.  

Tacking and jibing:

The larger front foil and profile will greatly improve any riders tacking and jibing.  This foil will make you foil through your transition by giving you the constant lift and stability that you need to nail your turns. 
When tacking it will give you a long lift to finish out your upwind carve. 
When jibing it will not bounce you off or drop you dwon when you switch your feet, with just a bit of speed you will be able to glide through your jibes.

Jumping and Wave riding:

This is not for everyone but soon enough you will never want to part from your foil and will want to take it into the waves or the air.  It is bomb proof so jump it and have fun, practice your foiling rolls or ride a swell and wave. The sensation of the wave taking over the power of the kite is amazing.

The Finish: Grey Durapox


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