Introductory Kiteboard Lesson


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Price: $60 for Two People
Length: One Hour
Students: Two to Six
What you will learn: How to fly a two line kite, and how to set up a full size kiteboarding kite.

If you want to take your time learning to kite, or simply want to have a taste of what the sport is all about, then this is the absolute best way to start.

This is a one hour, land based lesson aimed to give you a taste and introduction to the sport of kiteboarding. We run this lesson in a group of two to six people, with one instructor.
We will get everyone flying a simple two line trainer kite on the land in a safe and controlled environment, learning all about the wind window and kite control. The second half of the lesson includes an introduction to a full size, inflatable kiteboarding kite from one of the worlds best brands.

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