CORE SLC Fuselage Cover


CORE SLC Fuselage Cover

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Keep your precious foil looking new. The set includes a Tool Pouch and cover for the Front Wing, Stabilizer, Fuselage, 71 or 92cm Mast, and Mast Base. The 420 denier Nylon covers fit neatly in the optional Foil Bag that’s designed for traveling and busy airports. Five-millimeter closed-cell foam padding and additional edge polyester webbing protect all trailing edges. The handy tool pouch keeps all your hardware and tools in one place. Even the mast cover features a screw pocket. Now, you're covered.




Component covers and tool pouch.



    Front Wing Cover 1250: ca. 80 x 32 cm / ca. 32 x 12 inches

    Stabilizer Cover 300: ca. 45 x 18 cm / ca. 18 x 7 inches

    Fuselage Cover 70: ca. 77 x 10 cm / ca. 30 x 4 inches

    Mast Cover 92: ca. 98 x 17 cm / ca. 38 x 7 inches

    Mast Cover 71: ca. 78 x 17 cm / ca. 31 x 7 inches

    Mastbase Cover: ca. 26 x 13 cm / ca. 10 x 5 inches

    Tool Pouch S: ca. 25 x 13 x 8 cm / ca. 10 x 5 x 3 inches



5MM PADDING: Thick padding for maximum protection.

420 DENIER NYLON: Tough. Durable.

FOIL BAG READY: Designed to fit into the optional Foil Bag.



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