CORE SLC Foilboard



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Sporty. And intuitive.


The all-new SLC Foilboard is your ticket to foil. Experience accessible high performance in a light, responsive, and durable platform. Get the feedback you need when you need it with the new SLC and feel how a tuned carbon foilboard elevates foil behavior into an adrenaline-fueled performance. The proven 90mm extra long US BOX Track System is compatible with most foils and offers the maximum flexibility to adjust your ride.


What size should I choose? Board size depends on body weight and experience level. Lighter and more experienced foilers should consider smaller sizes.




Board comes with a full deck pad and kicker. 4 M8x30mm Torx screws and 4 T-nuts is included. Straps are optional.



115cm | 125cm | 135cm



PVC CARBON SANDWICH: Strong. Lightweight. And responsive.

BEVELED RAILS: Increased heel angle. Improved touchdown recovery.

CHANNELS: Hull shape improves touchdown behavior.

FOIL ROCKER: Balanced. Forgiving. And excellent feedback.

STRAP READY: Stainless steel strap inserts for maximum durability.

MAST BOX: 90mm Double US BOX Track System



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Type: Hydrofoil

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