Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard - 6'6


Our new range of wing sup foil boards has been developed to offer the rider lightweight, stability and maneuverability. Careful attention to volume distribution means that they are stable on the water, easy to paddle and take off super early due to the accelerated bottom shape.

The construction is engineered with every fiber maximised to cope with the high leverage forces that are encountered with bigger boards and larger sized foil wings. This Includes our industry leading dual carbon sandwich stringer system with full inegra sandwich box reinforcement, and a full triple layer carbon Inegra PVC sandwich deck and rails = ultimate stiffness and ride response..


5’5: Wing, Foil, SUP. This new design is for riders who want to push the limits, it’s compact size and light weight make it perfect for progression as a Sup foil board or with a Wing for medium to light riders. Volume 80L



5’11: Wing, Foil, SUP. The all-rounder in our range, ideal for Sup foil and wing foiling, it’s stable and easy to gain speed which makes for early takeoffs. Volume 99L.


6’6: Wing, Foil, SUP. If you are just starting out and want to progress quickly and easily then this is where to start, also perfect for heavier riders. Volume 132L.


Wing Foilers guide to selecting the right size foil from Ozone designer Rob Whittall. Please view here


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