Armstrong Foil Combo HS1050 & HS1550


The new High Speed series of wings have been designed to complement our Carving Freeride wings. As rider skills improve in their given foil discipline the need for more performance and maneuverability becomes a requirement for continued progression. With most foil sports, that generally leads to wanting a faster more agile wing, so progression can be realised. This is why the HS wings were created, the next steppingstone in the development of rider, equipment and the sport.


Opening up a new area, the High Speed 1050 is the bomb in medium size surf! If you are accomplished with the CF1200 then this is for you... Fast, edge to edge speed and smooth in pitch which makes steep takeoffs stress free as you take a late drop into a howler. Ideal for... experienced or lightweight riders...Surf, kite, wing and wake foiling. 


The High Speed 1550 wing has already proven to be a success. The shape, thickness and planform are well balanced to deliver real smooth predictable lift and performance for a larger wing in the surf or pumping. Also a great choice for wing foil riders looking for one size fits all option. Word about the HS1550 is out and riders are frothing! Ideal for... experienced middleweight riders...Surf, kite, wing and wake foiling.


HS1050 Wing
HS1550 Wing
Drive Mast 72cm / 28.5”
Titanium Core TC60 cm Fuselage 
HS232 Tail Wing
TTF 0 degree and 1 degree shims
4 Titanium T-nuts + 4 Bi Directional Titanium Washers + mast top screw set + foil screw set + Torx tool 
+protective mast and wing covers + carry bag

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