Armstrong Surf Kite Tow 4'5.5 Foilboard


Boardbag Included

A fantastic mid size Surf+Kite+Tow board, with plenty of flotation and very easy to maneuver.

Exactly the same shape as the 3'11 with our new tripple concave bottom for early takeoff, and slight deck recess, but with more volume to make it easier to paddle in. A great all-rounder.

All boards are built tough, with the Armstrong no compromise design approach - featuring a unique Dual Carbon Stringer System (DCSS) for unparalleled connection to the foil. Deck and rails incorporate high-density foam sandwiched with double rail wrapped Inegra and Carbon completing the ultra solid ride.

These boards simply fly, with our new tripple concave bottom shape for early takeoff, and slight deck recess for that super connected feel.

Includes deckgrip and multiple footstrap inserts - Built to rip for riders of all sizes in waves of all sizes!


DIMENSIONS: 4’5.5” x 20” x 2.87. 33.5L  136cm

Weight: 3.2kg

Optional Extras - footstraps $49 (each), adjustable carbon tailpad $85 Package Includes 2 x Footstraps & Tailpad ($175)



3’11: Surf, Kite, Tow. This high performance board is light but super strong, reduced swing weight makes it the perfect choice for progressing your Surfing, Kiting and Tow foiling to pro level. Volume 25L


4’5.5”: Surf, Kite, Tow. A great all-rounder, with our new triple concave bottom for early takeoff, more volume to make it easier to paddle in makes it the ultimate multi sport board. Volume 33L


4’11: Surf, Tow, Wake. Designed to make it easy, with this board you can Surf, Tow and Wake foil easily. Volume 38L

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