Armstrong HS1550 Wing


NEW Armstrong HS1550


You can look at my Insta and see that I totally love the Armstrong Foils. I have been using the 1200 since the spring and the assembly, quality, ride and performance is better than anything on the market. With the intro of the HS1550 loved my Armstrong even more. I already have the CF1200 complete kit so I could just get the new 1550 front wing and pop it on my existing fuselage and mast. I didn't need to change the tail wing or the shim either. I am 165 lbs and this is a pretty big wing, but I had no adjustment period. It takes off earlier and gets on foil in the same smooth predictable fashion that my 1200 does. Since the 1550 is bigger, it does come on foil with less forward speed than the 1200. Most importantly there is no buck of this wing. You don't get launched off it like other big wings that I have tried. Down the line the 1550 is fast. Not quite as fast as the 1200 but a lot faster than the CF1600. The turning is really crisp and responsive too. When you pump, you project and stay on foil for a while. I had to slow down my pump cadence to adapt to how long you glide for on this wing. Compared to the CF 1600, the HS 1550 is a lot higher performance while the CF1600 is just stupid easy and will correct all your mistakes as a beginner. Riding the HS 1550 behind a small or big boat wake is sick too. It snaps tight turns in the small pocket of a wake and rolls through the prop wash with ease. You get a lot of glide so you can ride the wake way back there too.

Category: 2019, 2020, Armstrong, SUP Foiling

Type: Hydrofoil

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