2025 Duotone Skybrid SLS


The Skybrid SLS is our new mid-length board featuring a longer and narrower outline while maintaining a wider nose and tail for incredible efficiency yet sustaining exceptional stability.

Constructed in our premium SLS technology and longer Carbon foil tracks for minimum weight and increased adjustability, the Skybrid SLS ensures maximum performance, allowing the earliest flight in light winds and easy take-off with smaller, more efficient foils for the intermediate to advanced Wing Foiler.

The board is designed with a single concave to flat bottom shape for early planning and take-offs. Its raised front foot deck angle provides a more playful and responsive feeling while up on the foil, enhancing your overall riding experience through maneuvers and when surfing swell. The higher nose rocker helps prevent catching on the water and ensures smooth acceleration.

Cut-outs in the tail facilitate an early release from the water, while the beveled rails make takeoffs easier and offer more clearance through turns. This board excels in performance when set up for strapless riding but also has the option of using foot straps for those seeking more control during maneuvers and high-speed runs.

Experience the perfect combination of performance and efficiency with the Skybrid SLS our freeride hybrid between Downwinder and classic Wing Foiling shapes.

The Skybrid SLS features a mid-length design that bridges the gap between our Downwinder and Sky Wing board range, offering the best of both worlds for a versatile performance.
The Skybrid SLS boasts a highly efficient take-off due to its narrower and longer outline, allowing for earlier lift – even on smaller foils.
Performs with the glide efficiency close to our Downwinder-Shapes but in a more compact design.
Unique riding sensation with or without straps
5'4 (55L) - Width 50.8cm, Length 162cm, Weight 5.72kg, User <65kg
5'6 (70L) - Width 54cm, Length 167cm, Weight 5.62kg, User <80kg
5'8 (85L) - Width 55.9cm, Length 172cm, Weight 6.25kg, User <95kg
5'10 (100L) - Width 57.8cm, Length 177cm, Weight 6.89kg, User <110kg
6'0 (115L) - Width 59.7cm, Length 182cm, Weight 7.53kg, User <125kg

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