2024 Duotone Fuselage Aero AL 3BS


Building up on the great feedback received from our 60cm Alu 3BS fuselage, we have decided to extend these improvements to our longer fuselages. We now have 66cm and 74cm AL 3BS fuselages replacing our previous carbon 68 and a 78cm fuselages. 

Changing the construction to aluminium allows us to reduce the cross section of the fuselage, and by doing so, to reduce the drag generated by the fuselage. At the same time, we are also increasing the strength, whilst only increasing the weight by 2,5%. Our AL 3BS fuselages all feature a little recess at the rear for the stabilizer to sink into and help improve the hydrodynamics.

They also have big cut-outs where the front wing mount is located, to help lower the weight to a minimum. Sure, the new aluminium fuselages will require a bit more care and will need to be dismantled and washed with fresh water after each use, but we feel that the gain in performance is worth it.

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Type: Foiling

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