2022 Duotone Wam D/LAB



2022 Duotone Wam D/Lab Surfboard


All-Rounder, Small to Medium Waves
Sizes: 5’7 | 5’9

In 2022, Duotone will introduce a special high-end product range in which the brand strives to manufacture the most advanced products with only the best materials. The products with the D/LAB logo come from the Duotone Lab and are made with the most innovative construction techniques and are way ahead of their time. The Duotone Wam D/LAB 2022 comes straight from the Duotone Lab and is designed to give you a very progressive freeride performance in all conditions. This brand new shape for 2022 is the absolute pinnacle of high performance kitesurfing.

What makes the Duotone Wam 2022 so special is the use of a 'Reflex Memory Foam' shock absorber. As a result, the Wam D/LAB will always want to return to its original shape. The combination of the Memory Foam with the Innegra Shield gives the D/LAB boards some technical advantages compared to the cork shock absorber from our SLS range. First, the Memory Foam is lighter than cork, without affecting the overall strength of the surfboard. In addition the board has memory, if you get a small ding in your board, the foam will push the ding out over time, giving you a lighter board that looks like new for longer. The Duotone Wam D/LAB feels more responsive on the water thanks to its reduced weight and remarkable damping effect that drastically reduces vibration from chop.

The WAM D/LAB is super light and smooth, but will also last a very long time. With maximum volume under the front foot for speed and flow, the Wam D/LAB features a continuous rocker, generous outline curve and a brand new rail shape for radical surfing in almost all conditions. From small onshore waves to big waves, making the Wam D/LAB the go-to high-performance board for Duotone team riders taking part in the GKA world tour. Fast, lively and agile, the WAM D/LAB offers a dynamic and playful ride whatever the conditions.


  • Duotone Wam D/LAB 2022 Surfboard
  • Contest board of choice
  • All round high performance board
  • Controlled bottom turns
  • Explosive top turns
  • Very high end construction
  • Reflex Memory Foam Shock Absorber
  • Innegra Shield
  • Carbon Beam
  • Light, strong and very good performance in all conditions

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