2021 Konrad Flyr Foil Kit


Changes for the 2021 Konrad Flyr....

Lighter mast
We have re extruded the mast. While retailing the strength we have managed to drop 200 grams from the 70cm mast!

Lighter Fuselage
By slimming the rear of fuselage we have shaved off another 200 grams. This takes the total foil weight down considerably. The front of the fuse retains the same strength mounting system for the front wing and mast.

Updated stabilizer
Big changes to the stabiliser. The new flatter and thinner profile is made to give a looser turn and faster speed. Constructed from full carbon the wing can handle the craziest chop shop customisations customers will throw at it! The stab has been moved to the underside of the fuse. This allows us to futureproof the fuse for new stabiliser designs. The mounting system for the stab has also changed to incorporate a small shim held in place by a single M6 screw.

The FLYR is gaining a reputation as being one of the best surf foils on the market for the price and performance!

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