2021 Konrad Flyr Foil Kit, Alloy SS Model


The FLYR foil is an easy to use system that suits beginner to expert. Stiff, strong, light weight, a combination of specialised finishes and high end materials sets a high benchmark in alloy foil tech.


The SS series wing is like the all-round fish board in your surf quiver that is fun in everything. The SS is versatile and can pump and surf equally well. The smooth design modeling has delivered a wing with a predictable lift that can make any session enjoyable.


Aimed at surfing, winging and small wave towing.

Available in three sizes:


The alloy FLYR foil platform uses billet machined aluminum base mount, fuselage and exruded mast. The front wing spigot uses a flat taper free system for holding the wing in place for ease of use in changing wings. This insert style has not changed since the release of the FLYR platform and has proven to be strong and durable.


Titanium hardware

All screws and even t-nuts are billet machined titanium with Torx heads which cuts down galvanic corrosion and keeps the parts looking good even after years in the salt water.


Tough construction

The foil uses M8 screws for assembly in all the parts that need strength, the stabiliser uses M6.



In an effort to reduce waste we have designed reusable gear bags that keep the system protected. The main bag is also adjustable if you decide to add a bigger wing!


The FLYR foil has several different wing, stabilser and mast options which allows you to setup for the perfect ride.


FULL KIT, as pictured, includes front and rear wings, fuselage, 70cm mast and base plate all in a carry bag.

Option available to amend mast size to 75cm, 80cm or 90cm mast - include in notes section of your order to amend.

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