2020 Axis S Series Rear Wing



The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 340mm (wingspan) by 80mm (chord) is the smallest rear wing we make and compatible with either the S-Series or the K-Series fuselages. Super loose, designed mainly for the 2020 600, and 545 K-Series wings, but also works well with the 680, 660 S-Series wings (for a super loose ride)


The AXIS K-Series 320mm rear wing is made out of durable black G-10 epoxy block. This wing is so versatile that we use it with all our K-Series front wings. And since it's built so strong it can take scratches and abuse from grinding the bottom of your beach. Tech Specs: 320mm x 80mm G10 Epoxy



The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 400mm (wingspan) is the carving specialist. Even looser than the AXIS S-Series Carbon 440cm rear wing, it's the most turny and performance oriented rear wing on our collection. 


The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 440mm (wingspan) is the allround rear wing that does everything well. It feels looser than the 500mm rear wing, it's playful and overall high performing.

460mm FLAT High Aspect

The AXIS S-Series Carbon Rear Wing 460mm (wingspan) is our fastest rear wing, and the perfect companion to the High Aspect 900 or 1000 and the latest high aspect glide 910, 1010 and 1150 front wings. 

Its flat profile, 60mm chord and foil section, make the S-Series 460 Carbon Rear Wing ideal for high performance downwinding. Many of our team riders also use the 460 for SUP, SURF, Wake and Pump foiling! A great high performance rear wing for multiple uses. 



The AXIS S-Series Carbon 500mm rear wing is the most stable of our rear wings. Ideal for the entry level and all round riders, the 500 will make your ride as stable as it gets. Suggested as an all round companion to our larger front wings (1020mm, 920mm).


 When you purchase the AXIS S-Series carbon rear wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage. 

Category: 2019, Axis, Foiling, SUP Foiling

Type: SUP Foiling

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